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What we do

Expert Heat Pump Installation

Start your journey towards sustainable living with our MCS-approved heat pump installation services. We’re here to make your transition to renewable energy both seamless and rewarding. From expert consultation to efficient installation, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs, guiding you towards significant savings on energy bills.

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Heat Pumps:

The Future of Heating

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Embrace sustainable living and cut down your energy bills...

We install heatpumps for both residencial and commercial properties.


Boost your home's efficiency and cut energy bills.


Reduce overheads and go green.
How it works

An Easy Process

1 - Consultation

We start by understanding your needs. Our experts assess your property and heating requirements to identify the best air source heat pump for us to install.

Supply - 2

Based on the consultation, we supply a high-quality, energy-efficient heat pump tailored to your specific needs, sourced from trusted manufacturers.

Installation - 3

Our skilled team installs your new heat pump with precision and care, ensuring optimal setup and performance.

4 - Follow-Up

After the install is complete, we provide guidance on how to best use and maintain your heat pump. Plus, our team is always ready to assist with any queries or service requirements.

Questions We Get Asked Before we Install Heat Pumps

Uncover the Green Benefits of
Heat Pump Installations

From April 2022, the government’s Green Heat Grant was replaced by the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This allows homeowners in England and Wales to claim a £7,500 grant towards the cost of a heat pump. 

An air source heat pump is a system that absorbs heat from the outdoor air and uses it to warm your home and provide hot water. They can function effectively even in cold weather.

Air source heat pumps are eco-friendly as they use a renewable resource - outdoor air - and electricity, which can be sourced from renewable energy. By reducing the need for fossil fuel-based heating, they help lower carbon emissions.

Heat pumps are around 3 to 4 times more efficient than LPG, oil, electricity, and gas boilers. So, you could benefit from savings on your utility bills

Yes. Air source heat pumps work effectively even when outside temperatures are -20°C.

Most homes in the UK are suitable for air source heat pump installation. However, the heat pump will be most effective if your home is well insulated and draught-proofed.

Air source heat pumps require minimal maintenance and are generally very reliable. It's recommended to check your system periodically and have it serviced by a professional every year.

Yes, in the UK there are several grants and schemes available that can help offset the initial installation cost of an air source heat pump.

The installation of an air source heat pump can vary, but generally, it can take between 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the installation.

You can expect an air source heat pump to last for 20 years or more. Because they’re based on a relatively simple and reliable technology.

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Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

For full scheme details, we encourage you to read the BUS guidance for property owners

Acting on your behalf Futura Group installers can claim this for you:

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